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Templeton Parish Council
Templeton Parish Council

                        Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of Templeton Parish Council Meeting held on Thursday, 

20 January 2022 at 7.30pm by Zoom, 

due to the high rate of Omicron infection rate of Covid-19, 

and for the safety and protection of attendees.


Chaired by:  Councillor R Davies

Clerked by:  Sue Squire


Present:  Councillors


R Davies

Mrs J Dent CBE

Mrs S Stone




Agenda: -

Items raised by members of the public


Declarations of Interest

Approval of the Minutes


Matters Arising from the Minutes

Planning and Planning Correspondence 


Correspondence / Items to discuss

Items raised by Councillors / Clerk

Urgent  items to discuss

Date of next meeting





Items raised by members of the public.  

53.1  A parishioner had requested a copy of an Abatement Notice from MDDC referencing the Crossparks Pit and the Clerk had requested this for the Parish Council’s and the parishioner’s information. 




Apologies. Councillor D Leeming, County Councillor R Chesterton, District Councillors A Moore and R Stanley.




Declarations of Interest.


Councillor Mrs Dent – Personal Interest in respect of matters relating to Templeton Village Hall


Councillor Mrs Stone – Personal Interest in respect of matters relating to Templeton Village Hall




Approval of the Minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 30 November 2021.

These will be approved, along with the Part II Confidential Minutes of the meeting held on the same date, and the Minutes of this meeting at the next in person Parish Council meeting.






57.1  County Councillor R Chesterton.  Apologies given.


57.2  District Councillors A Moore and R Stanley.   Apologies given.


57.3  Village Hall.  Councillor Mrs Dent advised that events were slow to get going.

The Committee are discussing a community lunch to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.  


57.4  Parochial Church Council.  No Report. 


57.5  BT Broadband. Councillor Mrs Dent had forwarded the following Report on 14 January 2022:

We had a very productive meeting with The County Council Project team (CDS) for superfast broadband and the Company Airband, that are currently putting in the second superfast broadband fibre through Templeton.  CDS are the Government’s funding channel and they have contracted with Airband, along with other companies indifferent areas, to provide a fast internet service to over 140,000 homes.


It would appear that there was a communication error and we should have been removed from the build contract between CDS and Airband.  It has now been agreed that we are being removed from the contract.  However, Airband still need to put in an infrastructure ‘spine’ connecting Tiverton through to Nomansland and going through Templeton.  This fibre laying is 96% completed with just two segments to resolve at Templeton Bridge and Combe Hill and the splicing together of the separate fibre segments.


Those houses who have had additional cables taken near them will just have the cables tidied up but they will not be connected.


We will all be removed from the sales and marketing lists so we will not be contacted again for the foreseeable future.


The houses still to be connected by the Templeton Community Fibre Partnership, the properties that are connected to the Rackenford telephone exchange (phone numbers starting with 881) will still be connected by the end of March and the vouchers that we secured for those houses are still available for us to use.


We have an agreement for a plan to remove the extra pole by Coombe Farm and the planned ones for Shell Lane are no longer needed and will not be erected.


There was recognition that there had been a failure of communication and that lessons have been learned and Airband has implemented changes to their approach as a result, with the Parish Council and residents being contacted. 




Matters Arising from the Minutes.

58.1  Definitive Map Review.  The planned meeting on 21/12/21 did not take place.  The deadline date  for the Parish Council’s comments has now passed. 

A decision will be made by DCC Public Rights of Way Committee.  


58.2  MDDC Building at Risk Survey and Register.  The Clerk has informed MDDC that there are no buildings in the Parish of Templeton considered to be at risk.


58.3  Telephone Box.  Councillor Davies advised that the shelving had not been fixed.


58.4  2022 Meetings.  The Clerk has booked the Hall for the dates agreed. 









RD to get quotes to present at the next meeting


Planning and Planning Correspondence.

59.1 The following Planning Application was considered:

  • 21/02400/FULL – Erection of dwelling following demolition of existing dwelling – Mount Pleasant Farm, Templeton

It was resolved to reply ‘no objections’. 


59.2  The following Planning Application had been considered between meetings under the Scheme of Delegation:

  • 21/02349/FULL – Erection of 2 agricultural storage buildings following demolition of existing buildings, Little Esworthy, Templeton.

A response of ‘No Objections’ was submitted from this Parish Council. 


59.3 Planning Correspondence.  The following MDDC Decision Notice was noted:

  •  21/01810/FULL – Erection of dwelling for holiday let following demolition of existing building – Colston Barton, Templeton.  Planning consent granted.








60.1    Balances.   Barclays Community Account as at 31/12/21:  £9,289.76


Budgetary figures up to the end of December 2021 had been circulated to Councillors.


60.2    Payments.  The following payments were approved and authorised.

Proposed by Councillor Davies, seconded by Councillor Mrs Stone and unanimously agreed.  


Mrs S Squire   Redacted under the Data Protection Act


HMRC             PAYE                                                                                 £47.80



60.3    Unity Trust Bank.  Details have been sent to the bank and a response is awaited.

It is known that they are dealing with very high volumes of applications at present and none were accepted during December. 


60.4    Insurance Excess.  After making enquiries of MDDC, it has been confirmed there is no way for the Precept to be amended to take account of the extra funds in the Parish Council account as a result of the excess not having to be paid. 


Councillors could not reconcile how a refund to parishioners could work due to the various logistics involved.

Proposed by Councillor Davies that the Parish Council pay for the expenses of the Community Lunch on Sunday, 5 June 2022 to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Seconded by Councillor Mrs Dent and unanimously agreed.  

This would potentially involve everyone in the Parish and be a way of sharing the funds with everyone. 


60.5    2022/23 Budget and Precept.  MDDC has been informed of the Precept agreed.


60.6    Data Protection.  The Information Commissioner’s Office has confirmed that the fee of £35.00 has been taken by direct debit and the renewal has taken place, expiring on 7/1/23.













Ch.No. 376


Correspondence / Items to discuss.   Not applicable – these items were duplicated under Minute No. 58.1 and 58.2.  



Items raised by Councillors / Clerk.

62.1  Training.  MDDC has organised a further planning training session on Thursday, 20 January 2022 at 2pm by Zoom, entitled ‘ Material Planning Considerations’.

The Clerk had attended and will provide a written Report.






Urgent items to discuss.  None.  




Date of next Meeting:  Thursday, 4 March 2022 at 7.30pm in Templeton Village Hall.

This will commence with the Annual Parish Meeting.  

It is a legal requirement for this meeting to be held between 1 March and 1 June each year. 


The meeting ended at 8pm.


Summary of Decisions:

  • Planning
  • Payments

These Minutes are agreed by those present as being a true record.



Chair of Templeton Parish Council